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Weekly Art Class

“Small Class Sizes & Engaging Variety of Materials”

"Weekly Classes for Students of All Levels" 

C.C. Arts & Crafts Studio offers year-round weekly art classes to children ages 3 and up to Adults. Located in San Francisco, Ingleside Area.  

Our teacher-student ratio of 1 to 6, combined with our personalized instruction. Our curriculum design is not limited to only drawing classes but also provides some 3D handicraft classes with different types of art materials. We also provide fun multiple media learning to create useful artworks during the holiday and seasonal art class.

Besides that, according to each student’s aptitude, we provide a personalized Level Classification to build up their own drawing skills step by step. so our class is of mixed ages, we don’t do age groups. It's good for siblings to class together.


Our Teaching Target:

Personalized skills teaching: Based on each student’s ability to design the curriculum fit for them, thus, we don’t have age groups.


Imagination development: Art is not only copying a masterpiece, it’s also about creating new things and delivering your thoughts from inside. So, we encourage our students to think and create their own stories. 


Functional artwork creating: Why do we want to learn art? Besides the art skills building, we should know how to use art and designs to shine up our life. So in our long-term art program, we’ll teach students to use their art skills to create artwork that can be used in their daily lives.


Multiple Media Learning: Art materials aren’t limited to paper and paint, it can be anything. In our art program, we will provide a variety of art materials to help our students try and learn, such as wood painting, fabric painting, clay making...etc. 

Single Crafting Class

Single Crafting Class is designed for anyone to transform into an artist and enjoy finishing their artwork in one class. According to different holidays, we will update our new course here, check it often. 


We Provide:

One-time Holiday Project: During the holidays, we’ll always have some fun handicraft projects to help you and your friends make and celebrate the holidays together


Private Group Event: Book private handicraft activities with your friends and family to enjoy the special moments. Because of this, we accept any topic which you and your friends will want to make it.

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